We help trucking companies grow

Services our firm provides

We do not do Hotshot

Why Choose BoxLex?

We strive to make you feel comfortable

Maintain constant contact

We are always maintaining contact with brokers and providing them with status updates, even before they reach out to us. This allows us to establish a good relationship for your company and construct vital connections in desired future lanes

Always available for YOU

Open 24 hours a day. We don’t go home after 5, such as many others do. The industry doesn’t sleep, why should we?

Weekly market analysis

Experts at BoxLex analyze the movement of the Spot market prior to the end of each week in order to provide solutions as to which route would best suit your equipment

Desired respect and autonomy

Trucking company CEO has final say. We ask for trust yet will always respect the owners of the equipment and respective drivers

First hand experience

As former drivers ourselves, we will respect your drivers and treat them with the utmost respect. We have been in your shoes. We know what a cold afternoon in the northeast on detention looks and feels like

Build a lane

Before we even book you the first load, we figure out a calculated plan of action in order to grow your book of contacts and eventually build a relationship in a certain lane and make it yours. This is how carriers survive in difficult times

No hidden fees

We charge just 7% of the load. Fair pricing for the value of service we provide


We believe in a percentage based system as having skin in the game gives us an incentive to win you the maximum dollar

We charge only after the load has been delivered

If a problem arises, we do not place your company in jeopardy by charging you on a load that you will not profit from

Best Dispatch customer service in the nation

We know the reputation of many dispatchers (truckload of dispatcher brains). We attempt to break loose from those chains. Friendliest dispatchers in America. We have no attitude

Communication is key

We believe the greatest conflicts in the industry occur because of poor communication. We will keep you constantly updated. Our goal is to always be on the same page as our customers. You call us as many times as you wish. You are our priority

Reach your destination without stress

Whether you are an owner operator or own a fleet, we worry about what your next load will look like in order to keep your equipment moving and reduce downtime

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